Argentina: The shooting and fishing paradise

"Venator Safaris" Safaris has an advantage that makes it different from other safaris, it is a company run by its owner, Patricio Esteban Daniel.

With the quality and warmth of our company and our accessible prices, we have become your best choice for shooting and fishing. You will experience the pleasure of shooting and fishing in a natural environment that is unique in the world

"Venator Safaris" specializes in organizing tailor-made packages of shooting of pigeons, tortolas ,partridges and ducks and also of fishing of gilded tarariras, bogas , trout , pejerrey , etc… in their different environments.


Pigeons, Ducks, Partridges, in their different environments

Big Game Hunting

Red deers, Wild boar, Pumas, Corzuelas in natural virgen enviorments.


Dorados, Bogas, Tarariras, Bagres, in rivers and lakes.


First class houses in the countryside or in four stars hotels

Venator Safaris

"Venator Safaris" in Argentina.

After having guided a great amount of hunters and fishermen in recent years; and having a team of the most experienced guides in the field, we have managed to offer a service of excellent level where our clients can have one of the best experiences of shooting and fishing in the world.

Argentina and its nature

As you know Argentina is undoubtedly one of the best natural sceneries for these activities.

Due to the variety of climates and geographies and the low population, we can cover all the demands you require.

Argentina is worldwide known as one of the main spots for the shooting of birds.

As regards wing shooting we can mention that the shooting of pigeons is unlimited and due to a great amount of these birds a hunter can shoot one thousand times a day or even more.

You can also shoot partridges, ducks in different varieties and hares.

All this combined with the lodging in typical Argentinean “ estancias “ , first quality hotels and gastronomy, and delicious asados, we can guarantee an incredible and unforgettable safari

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