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Hunters and / or fishermen will be received at the local airport , and after assisting them with their various formalities in a personalized and bilingual way, will be taken in a comfortable minibus or 4X4 trucks to the shooting or fishing area to start the day.

(Help with the temporary entry of weapons into the country is not included) consult.


Americans do not need visa, but check that your passport is not expired.

Weapon permits:

All weapons entering the country need a visa for entry and temporary stay.

Go to: / tourist / form_b.pdf. Complete the form.

When arriving in Argentina and after collecting your luggage, go to "Air Police" to proceed with the sealing of the forms.

You must apply for approval of the introduction of weapons to the Argentine Consulate.

Contact us for advice and to obtain forms.


All shooting, fishing or safaris start and finish in the target area. You Should plan the arrival in Buenos Aires a day before the start of the safari.

If you prefer, you ca be received by people from our company when you arrive in Buenos Aires. And after completing your tour you should plan to fly a day after ending the safari. It is very difficult to hunt and / or fish on the day of arrival or departure.

We can book flights, as well as hotel ,transportation and so on. These items are not included in the basic rate of our excursions. If you decide to make your own reservations for local airlines, it is important that you let us know in advance.

Provide the time needed for connections and internal flights in Argentina. The international flight arrival and departure of the country, operating from the international airport Juan Pistarini, Ezeiza in Buenos Aires Province, and domestic flights generally operate from the airport Jorge Newbery in the same city. Connecting the two airports either by bus or taxi usually takes about 45 minutes, which should be taken into account. From the Jorge Newbery airport it takes about two and a half hours to flight to Tucuman or Santiago del Estero, which are our main areas of hunting and fishing.


We suggest bringing U.S. dollars as they are accepted throughout the country.


For the shooting: We provide all the ammunition at prices of local trade. We advise caliber 12/70 or 20/70 for small game, let us know what calibre you are going to use to fill the cartridges. If the the hunter does not have weapons please Request it.

For the fishing : we provide all the necessary equipment that you should need to fish the different varieties that you may want to ( accessible prices )


There are four clearly defined seasons in Argentina .Summer and Winter have mild temperatures . Due to this fact, the equipment you take should  be suitable to the season and the type of hunting you will do.

The characteristic climate in the north of Argentina ( palce were our excursion takes place) is the subtropical one .The temperatures are:

  • In winter ( June, july, August) ranging from 10ºC to 20ºC during the day and -0ºC during the nights.
  • In Autumn ( March, April, May) 10ºC and 25ºC
  • In spring  ( September, october, November) ranging from 25ºC and 30 ºC
  • In summer ( December, January, February) higher to 37ºC

We specially recommend warm clothes especially for hunting early in the morning. Camouflages and weders are useful when hunting ducks. We recommend you rain gear because the activities take place even when it is rainy.


The number of hunters recommended is from 4 to 6.Please contact us in case you can’t complete the group so that we organize your safari.


The companions who are not hunters or fishermen, can relax , learn about our Argentinian customs and traditions, visit different cities and go shopping . We can organize special tours for them if it’s required.


Vaccines are not required at all.


It is Spanish but the professional guide speaks English. Let us know before you make your reservation if you need another language.


Tours to San Miguel de Tucumán and Santiago del Estero cities, the “ Valles Calchaquies” ( Tafi del Valle) and different lakes and dykes and trekking are available. We offer you a unique servicie with personalized guides. All of them will make you discover the most interesting places of the city or well known shopping centers. We can arrange any tour you require us.


Pigeons, Ducks, Partridges, in their different environments

Big Game Hunting

Red deers, Wild boar, Pumas, Corzuelas in natural virgen enviorments.


Dorados, Bogas, Tarariras, Bagres, in rivers and lakes.


First class houses in the countryside or in four stars hotels

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