Fishing Dorados in Termas de Rio Hondo

The city of Termas de Rio Hondo is located a few kilometres away from the lake El Frontal, which was built to keep the water from the rivers from the North ( Sali, Gastona, Medina and Marapa ).

The lake is 50000 hectares and is very rich in fish fauna. You can find dorados, bogas, tarariras, silverside ( pejerrey ) ,sabalos, etc…

This lake is one of the few places where the dorado reproduces in still water.

Fishing Dorados in Termas de Rio Hondo

The dorado is the fishermen’s favourite as it is aggressive and fights a lot , this is why it is called the tiger of the river.The way it fights when caught makes it a treasured trophy for the sport fisherman

The dorado fishing is the most interesting one in Argentina.It is the most beautiful fish that inhabits the Frontal lake.Its strong character and strength when looking for food are good reasons for its nickname. It has impressive jaws and once hooked it jumps like an acrobat . This makes the sport even more interesting .There’s no other specie that fights as the dorado does, the struggle can last long minutes, generating excitement and adrenaline.

Fishing Dorados

Feather Shooting

The Dams and Rivers

We can catch different varieties in the lakes and rivers: salminus, maxillosus. Which is a colourful fish that can be caught almost all the year round , ( there are restrictions only from November to January , when they can be caught but not kept ). You can catch dorados using different methods: fly-cast, trolling, spinning, and bait depending on the conditions of the water and its temperature

In the lake and the rivers you can catch bogas of 6 kilograms, sabalos, bagres of about 5 kilograms, palometas,tarariras and dorados of over 18 kilograms.

The fishing areas in the lake (almost 50000 hectares) are not many and our local guides are some of the very few people who know these areas .You have to be very precise about the time when the dorados eat, where they are found taking the wind direction into account, how deep each area is and the obstacles you can have in the place, since in most of the fishing areas there are trees which where covered by the water when the lake was built

Termas del Río Hondo
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