Who are we?

Venator Safaris” is a hunting company operated by its owner Esteban Daniel, who administrates and organizes safaris not only for hunting but for fishing too. He is a hunter and a fisherman who knows which are the best places to practice these two sports in Argentina.

One of the most important aims in our company is to find the very best areas to hunt and fish. In this way, we can offer our guests excellent accomodation and transfers as well as all the other needs your safari may require.

Not all the hunting and fishing areas are perfect or the best, but what makes the difference is that you will spend fantastic days enjoying the most tasting barbacues and wines, sharing different stories and experiences, together to excellent company and service.

Find in our page the details of each hunting and fishing style. Contact us in case you have any question.

Share with us an experience that is unique and once in your life: an adventure in Argentina that you’ll never forget.


Pigeons, Ducks, Partridges, in their different environments

Big Game Hunting

Red deers, Wild boar, Pumas, Corzuelas in natural virgen enviorments.


Dorados, Bogas, Tarariras, Bagres, in rivers and lakes.


First class houses in the countryside or in four stars hotels

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